Barn Name: Junior

Owner: The Team Junior Syndicate

Details: 2009, 16.2H, Dutch Warmblood Gelding Caricello x Vilja

Nickname: June, Juny

Likes: Rolling, Lead-rope nibbling, galloping, treats

dassett choice

Thanks to the members of the Team Junior Syndicate, Junior is the original member of the team. Sourced through Joe Meyer, Junior arrived from Dassett Eventing in England in April 2014. His top FEI placings include 4th at the 2017 Poplar Place CCI***-S, 1st at the 2017 Colorado CCI***-L, 1st at the Texas Rose Horse Park CCI**-L, 6th at the 2018 Plantation Field CCI**-S, and 6th at the 2019 Bromont CCI***-L, as well at being the Reserve for the North American Futures Team Challenge at Bromont. With flashy gaits, a big jump, and a super gallop, Junior oozes talent and we are so excited to see how he progresses. 

​UPDATE:  Junior had a stellar fall finishing 2nd in a competitive Advanced at Chatt Hills, placing 4th in his first CCI4L at Galway Downs International and being part of the winning team at the Galway USEF/Adequan Futures Team Challenge



Barn name: Harbin

Owner: The Team Junior Syndicate, LLC

Details: 2010, 15.3h, Irish TB gelding Verglas x Rainbow City

Nickname: Harb, The Machine

Likes: Wither scratches, nibbling on Junior

rebecca brown eventing

Harbin joined the RB team in June, 2018. He was found in Ireland by good friends, Joe and Ruthie Meyer, where he had competed through the equivalent of US Training level. We gave him some time to acclimate to the Texas heat and started competing in December 2018. Since then, he has upgraded to Preliminary, recently finished 2nd at the 2019 Bromont CCI**-L, and finished out his 2019 season with a win in the Open Intermediate at Holly Hill Horse Trials. Harbin has loads of talent and, like a true Thoroughbred, lots of heart for eventing; we are excited to see how he progresses!


Barn name: Forty

Owner: The Cuarenta Syndicate

Details: 2004 16.2h Irish Sport Horse Gelding Cougar II x Misty Matilda

Nickname: Sports, Forts

Likes: Everything related to food and cross country

fernhill fortitude
fernhill fortitude

Thanks to the members of the Cuarenta Syndicate, Forty is the newest member of the team. Also sourced by Joe Meyer, Forty’s job is to give Rebecca more experience at the Advanced level of eventing. Forty has competed at the Advanced level for over 5 years, with wins at the 4* level and trips to Kentucky 5* and Badmiton 5*. It will be exciting to learn from a truly excellent horse! While we spent the beginning of 2020 getting to know Forty, we are looking forward to an Advanced upgrade in late 2020. 


Barn name: Gary

Owner: Rebecca Brown and Adam Steggers

Details: 2016, 16H, Irish Sporthorse gelding, Quidam Junior x Ricardo’s Carling Queen

Likes: Food, food, and food

Gary arrived in December 2020 and we are really enjoying getting to know him! Purchased from Fernhill Sporthorse, he had done some jumper shows and cross country schooled in Ireland. He is a very kind, genuine guy with plenty of talent and we are looking forward to producing him for the future!


eventing horse

Twinkle Toes: The One Who Started It All

First Advanced horse, NAYC CCI***-L Gold Medal, First FEI Win(2005 Jersey Fresh CCI***-L), USDF Bronze Medal, First experience in 1.30m jumpers......and went on to teach many of my students how to ride. He was truly one of the best horses ever.

Boondock Saint

A true stamp of an Irish horse, Saint was one of two horses I competed for Pam Coffin. He went through Prelim before going on to his next owner.

Smart Moves

Smarty is one of my all time favorite horses. Bought from a friend in Texas to be a lesson horse, Smarty had grander ideas of for his career. He competed through the CCI**-L level before being sold to a student.

Doneraile Star

Benny was purchased by the Team Junior Syndicate and sourced by Janet Von Pressentin. He competed through Training level before being sold. His sale will help to fund the other Team Junior Syndicate horses through the rest of their show season.


Found him as a show hunter, took him up through Prelim and then finances forced his sale. He continued on to compete at multiple CCI***** events all over the world.

Belafonte D'Avalon

AKA The Black Stallion...came to me as a horse to produce through the levels. He competed up through Preliminary Eventing and made many fans along the way who loved to watch this 14.3h powerhouse pony. He was a blast but he also introduced me to Kathy St Martin and Jos Mottershead, owners of Avalon Equine, who have continued to be close friends.

Vivan Leigh

Vivian was a horse I competed for owner, Barb Werback. Viv was a homebred of Barb's who decided jumping as a little more fun than dressage, which was not Barb's sport of choice! Viv competed through Prelim before going on to be a jumper for some junior riders.

Secret Mission

One of the first horses I bought with owners, Mission was purchased to go up the levels. Unfortunately his body had different plans and he competed through Training level before retiring to be loved on by little girls in a field.

Maplevalley Carlburg

Purchased by the Team Junior Syndicate, Carl competed through Prelim before being sold to an amateur rider n Canada. His sale made possible the purchase of Harbin and for that we are thankful!