Competing horses at any level is expensive and, even with a full time training and teaching business, finances get tight. Between board, competition expenses, vet care, and upkeep, the bills are endless. For these reasons and many more, it’s imperative to have those special people supporting you. “Support” can be in many versions- from owning horses to monetary donations to donations in-kind. Several sponsorship options are listed below.

If you are interested in joining the RB Riding Team, please reach out via email or phone.  Donations can also be made via PayPal to rbeventer1@gmail.com

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A Huge Thanks to My Current Sponsors

Avalon Equine

The owners of Belafonte D’Avalon…Kathy St. Martin and Jos Mottershead are the type of owners you dream of! They brought me a super talented, well-bred horse and asked me to see how far it could go. So far, it’s been an exciting journey with plenty of pay off but it’s still early in the adventure and I can’t wait to see what Harry can really do!

Click the photo to learn more about Avalon Equine

The Team Junior Syndicate

After a cyst was found in Secret Mission’s hock forcing his early retirement, The Secret Mission Syndicate rallied to find another top quality youngster. With the help of Joe Meyer, Dassett Choice, aka Junior, was found in England and he arrived in April 2014. Composed of a group of incredibly generous friends, these unique individuals mostly want to be part of the adventure involved with bringing along a talented young horse and support me in the process. I am so grateful for their continued support and quest for adventure. Junior has been nothing short of phenomenal and we are really hoping he goes to the top!

Parks Tax & Consulting

Parks Tax & Consulting is excited to work in sponsorship with 4* Rider Rebecca Brown. 

Holly Parks, a licensed CPA, brings forth a unique coupling of expertise in both the accounting and equine professions to assist in all aspects of individual and small business tax needs. Her services include contract CFO services, bookkeeping, tax preparation, tax planning, and more.
Holly is a professional of the sport of Eventing herself, having competed through the Intermediate level, and is an active ICP instructor. Her involvement with equine sport will help you truly understand the tax implications of each aspect of your business – from horse buying and selling to purchasing and running your own facility.

voltaire saddles


Voltaire is above and beyond my favorite saddle company that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Their saddles have been so beneficial to my riding- the balance is always correct and the horses’ backs are never sore. Aside from that, the quality and customer service is undeniable.



I came across these shirts at a jumper show this winter and fell in love. Not only are they so beautiful with the coolest details, they keep me cool in the hot Texas weather.

alberto fasciani

Alberto Fasciani

I am a sucker for a beautiful pair of tall boots- and I have tried almost every brand. Fasciani boots offer the beauty and style that I gravitate towards but they are durable enough to withstand the three phases of Eventing. I am lucky to ride in them!

frilly fillies

Frilly Fillies

These are the most beautiful bonnets out there! You can customize them in so many different ways and the fabric is really high quality so the horses don’t get too hot when they are wearing them.

kan logo

KAN Body Protection

Eventing is a dangerous sport and, although I try not to fall off, it’s going to happen sometime! These vests have the most high tech safety material available and the shock of the fall is absorbed by the vest and not my body. This makes a huge difference in my safety but also my comfort after a fall, allowing me to get back to riding as soon as possible.

free jump

Free Jump System

After years of trying different stirrups, Free Jump is my favorite. I have an old soccer injury in one of my knees and the width and stability of their stirrups gives me comfort and security. Also, the safety features give me peace of mind when I’m jumping big tracks or young horses!