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September Updates


What a whirlwind month it’s been with a crazy amount of driving…luckily the driving was worth it!

First up was Great Meadow International for the CC3L with Forty. This was a truly amazing show- even in COVID times. I hope it works out in the schedule to go back next year. Forty knew it was a big event and had extra personality the whole week. Dressage was our best test yet and Cross Country was a breeze- seriously too easy, what a great feeling.  Phillip helped me to warm up for SJ and I got my CCI3L qualifier with a 7th place finish!!
We came home for a quick two days and turned around the run the Advanced at Chatt Hills with Junior.  The drive to Chatt was worth it with Junior making the Advanced feel like a cakewalk. Dressage was good and a decently quick and clear XC round moved us to our final position of 2nd. I couldn’t be more pleased.  
Next up: Harbin does a dressage show next weekend to prepare for Stable View where he will run the CCI3S, Forty and I will do our first Advanced together in the CCI4S and Junior will also do the CCI4S. Harbin is qualified for a CCI3L after Virginia Horse Trials. Junior and Forty will be trying to qualify for a CCI4L. Wish us luck!!


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